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Lean Sigma Performance 

Your Process Improvement Services Provider

Welcome to Lean Sigma Performance !

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website,

and that you find the necessary and useful information

to make the decision to use our services on your Process Improvement journey.

We have taken the mystery and complexity out of Process Improvement methodologies - Lean and Six Sigma.


We ARE experienced consultants and practitioners of Process Improvement methodologies that will listen to you, work with you and be able to support your company on its Continuous Improvement programs.

We ARE experienced in project lead and project management assignments.

We HAVE worked with multiple companies ranging in personnel size from 15 to >10,000 with revenues from <$5MM to >$1000MM


We are NOT claiming to be the premiere Lean Sigma Consulting company in Canada or North America .....

We are NOT claiming to be the saviour of every company that has developed a Continuous Improvement program ....

... and why so many other consulting groups that supposedly use data to make decisions state these things is a huge question that has yet to be explained.


It has been expressed to us by many clients that some other consulting companies make the process improvement journey overly complicated and this may results in a resistance to change within the client company - partially due to the consulting style.

Lean Sigma Performance does not take this approach in working with clients. We do provide the tool knowledge and training to cover all contingencies found in projects. However only the necessary level of application of these tools that will make a true improvement is targeted for each client during the project periods.

The result is to allow companies of all sizes to be able to successfully complete projects that will:

  • give your team members the tools to make a strong lasting change in a process
  • develop improved processes for your operations
  • generate quicker return on investment
  • reduce waste of people resources in over analyzing process (manufacturing, service or transactional) issues